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time forge app

I an not able to log into my time forge app.

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I have the same problem.

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It keeps saying my credentials have changed. Except I'm still an assistant manager. I just can't access anything but the time clock part.
Can't login to my timeforge

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Has anyone figured out how to log into time forge cuz it still says credentials not valid
can’t log on either something with Okta
I have the same issues as above. It says my credentials are no longer valid.

Hi everyone, 

I'm so sorry to see that this thread wasn't responded to for so long. I'll see what I can do to help here. 

It's pretty rare to have login issues on the app, unless your employer has you configured with a particular type of Okta login, where they have a specific series of steps you need to follow. (I saw a couple of you are having that issue). 

Either way, we can help - please just open a ticket or give us a call at 866-684-7191. We have a quick step-by-step guide, but it's specific to your employer so I won't be able to post it here on the public forum.

If you're stuck in timeclock mode, have the store manager type their password in to unlock you.


- Audrey

Same here
I can not log into my time forge
Trouble logging in to my app
Where do I see my schedule for work ?
Won’t allow me to request time off in TimeForge! Reads “Do Not Allow Requests “ WTF!??
Says my credentials are invalid guess I will call the support desk should be a no brainer.
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