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I have been trying to log in for weeks. This app randomly changed my password I have had the same login and password for two years. I cannot see my schedule. I have hit reset password ten times and it is not sending a link to my email and yes my email is correct.

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How can I see how many hours I have
Forgot user name and no email was sent
What happened???

I had this issue and solved it by logging in using my employee ID and then my usual password. I was directed to another page where I logged in with the same info and it redirected me back to the app where I was automatically logged in. Hope this helps.

Just in past 2 weeks, ct login, had to change password 3x, helpdesk not available outside regular business hours. I can’t access my new work schedule for this week. Ct confirm my 2 time off request for this month. My availability for my workweek changes this week and my employer has no record to approve. All this said, why use timeforge if I need to do what is listed here in person and during my regular work hours? HELP!
I need my lD

I need to reset my password???

No puedo aplicar o rellenar la páguina
No puedo aplicar en esta página
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